Hello everybody. Thank you so much for supporting me. I appreciate everybody. I am a former Professional Motocross Rider. My lisence are MFJ(Internationl A) , FIM , AMA. I already retired as an active service rider at 2002.

I have stayed at Corona California at America to race and riding for a while. I was learned from many Americans a various things including motocross skill. Those experiences make me growing up on my life. I really appreciate to Mr.Mike Fisher , Mr.Jeff Matiasevich , Mr.Ronnie Tichenor , Mr.Ross Maeda , Mr.Mike Kiedrowski , Mr.Goat Breker , other Americans and Japanese Fans , Physical Trainers , Sponsers , Motorcycle Companies.

I have been teaching motocross skill from kids to adult riders after retired. and I wrote articles for motocross skill on japanese motocross magagine named DIRTCOOL for 10 years.

At present I have been deploying useful videos to YouTube in English about my favorite vehicles. Please check my YouTube channel if you like please. I am very sorry of small amount of posts now but I will upload any videos on a regular basis from now on.
Thank you for visiting and supporting me. See you next vlog and video !! 17/08/2021

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